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Arijit Singh: ‘Man of the soil’ Arijit Singh roared after stopping the live concert, this is the main reason. Newshost24 Travels

Arijit Singh means magician of music. Despite being a very famous singer, he lives like five other common people. There is no luxury in his lifestyle, no pride. Therefore, wherever he was seen singing on the open stage, countless people gathered there. He always has a lovely smile on his face. But have you ever seen your favorite singer in anger?

In today’s report, I will share two recent incidents of Arjit Singh’s anger. Recently she was singing in a concert, when she angrily told a couple not to pay attention to the child. Actually this couple had come to see Arijit Singh’s concert with their child. The child was very happy and comfortable where they were standing. However, the parents continue to use the child as a tool to meet Arjit.

Seeing this incident, Arijit Singh got angry on the stage itself. He stopped the concert and spoke to the parents on a microphone, telling them not to molest their children. The child does not want to come forward in the crowd. But the parents forcefully show the child and come forward pushing the crowd. And Arijit Singh was very angry with this.

Earlier also there was an incident where Arijit Singh had to stop his concert midway. During the song, all his fans shake hands with him and Arijit Singh himself extends his hand to everyone. Then a middle-aged woman pulled him by holding his hand. This caused severe pain in his hand and he stopped his concert midway.

Arjit Singh properly schooled a fan who was pushing his child towards him
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However, Arjit Singh was furious. But still she coldly says that she is a grown woman. He should have understood that even under the guise of having fun, nothing should be done that would cause trouble to others. The way Arijit Singh’s hands were pulled was causing a lot of pain in his hands. In such a situation, if he stops the song in the middle, then how can he have fun? He then bandaged his hand and proceeded to his concert.

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