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‘Dhan Mati Mati Dhan’ past! Newshost24 Safar is now running behind the property of Ramakrishna Duttabari

The famous serial of the television world was ‘Karunamayi Rani Rasmani’. The performance of every character in this serial was amazing. The entire story of Rani Rasmani, Gadadhar of Kamarpukur, Maa Sharda, Chhote Thakur of Dakshineswar Temple and later becoming Paramhans Dev after Ramakrishna’s Gadadhar is shown on the screen through this serial. And thus it became the favorite series of the people of Bengal.

Actor Sourav Saha played the role of Gadai Tagore in this series. By acting in this role, he reached the peak of popularity overnight, his beautiful acting won everyone’s heart. Saurabh got the love of the people by acting in this series. So till now his most talked about role in the acting world is Gadai.

But it has been a long time since this series ended. The crew of the series have put their minds to various tasks. But Sourav has not been seen on the television screen for a long time. After a long time he was seen in a series. Sourav stepped into the family drama from a historical role. She was seen in Zee Bangla’s popular serial ‘Neem Phule Madhu’. Recently a video of this serial has surfaced. And it went viral in no time.

Sourav Saha

It is shown in that video that there is a treasure in Dutta’s house. 65 years ago the zamindar of Pabna had given it to his father-in-law to keep the family deity. It was written in the contract that if no one comes to claim the property in the next 65 years, it will be given to Dutt. Sourav seen on the last day of completing 65 years will finally break the mystery of Parna Paheli and snatch away the idol. Meanwhile, the audience is very excited to see Sourav in this video after a long time. According to him, Sri Ramakrishnadeva could not touch money, and Saurabh is struggling with money in his new role.

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