Honda EM1: Full charge in just 6 hours, Honda launches great electric scooter at an unbelievable price. Newshost24 Travels

In the current market where the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing, car buyers are choosing electric cars as the best option. According to the demand of the buyers, electric scooters of different companies are coming in the market. This time, Honda entered the list. This scooter from Honda is best for covering short distances at a low cost. Have a look with attractive features.

In recent times, if a buyer is thinking of buying an electric car at a budget price, then this Honda scooter is of great use. Honda company has launched its first electric scooter Honda EM1 in the market at a low price. These electric cars have replaceable batteries. As a result, the mileage of this scooter is very good.

Incidentally, last year the Honda company had announced the launch of this Honda EM1 car. Honda has recently brought its first electric scooter in the electric car market. Which will give good performance for short distance travel. However, this company said that there will be no problem in traveling long distances due to the backup battery.

Honda has given information about the battery of this electric scooter, a powerful battery pack of 1.47 kWh has been given in it. To cover a short distance, it will be charged within 6 hours. This scooter will give a maximum mileage of 40 km. However, the mileage can be increased due to the replaceable battery.

On the other hand, the Honda EM1 scooter has advanced features. This scooter has features like telescopic suspension, Tonwin shock absorber, combo braking system and rear disc brake. On the other hand, the company has given information about the price of the scooter. It is known that the on-road price of this scooter can be close to 77 thousand.

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