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Interview Question: Are there no bones in the body of women? 99% people don't know - Newshost24 - Newshost24

September 26, 2023, 10:03 am

News Headline :
এসএসসি পাসে চাকরি দিচ্ছে ব্র্যাক বিভিন্ন পদে নিয়োগ দেবে সিটি ব্যাংক নতুনদের চাকরি দিচ্ছে ইস্টার্ন ব্যাংক, কর্মস্থল ঢাকায় মিউচুয়াল ট্রাস্ট ব্যাংকে অফিসার পদে চাকরি ৫০ জনকে চাকরি দেবে আগোরা, যোগ্যতা এসএসসি পাস Duare Dalil: বাড়িতে বসেই মিলবে দলিল, রাজ্য সরকারের নয়া উদ্যোগ ‘দুয়ারে দলিল পরিষেবা’ Personality: হাঁটার ধরণ প্রকাশ করে ব্যক্তিত্ব, আপনি ব্যক্তিত্ব জানান দেয় আপনার হাঁটার ধরণ Chanakya niti for Woman: এই গুণসম্পন্ন মহিলারা স্বামীর জীবনে সৌভাগ্য আনে, গুণগুলি জেনে নিন Mamata Banerjee: দুবাই থেকে লগ্নি আনছেন মুখমন্ত্রী! বাংলায় বিনিয়োগ করবে বিখ্যাত লুলু গোষ্ঠী Bread pakora: কম উপকরণ দিয়ে ঝটপট বানিয়ে ফেলুন এই মুখরোচক, রেসিপি জেনে নিন

Interview Question: Are there no bones in the body of women? 99% people don’t know – Newshost24

Interview Question: Are there no bones in the body of women? 99% people don’t know – Newshost24

Interview Question : মেয়েদের শরীরের কোন জায়গায় হাড় থাকে না? ৯৯% মানুষই জানেন না
Interview Question: Are there no bones in the body of

“Which part of a girl’s body does not have bones”? Do you know the answer? In such a situation, the answer for most people is no. But knowing the answer to this question or thinking what will happen? So let’s just say that from the point of view of knowing, the answer to this question will be without knowing. But what would you do if you were asked this question in an interview?

Today’s girls or boys all have a dream to work on big positions after being educated and to become self-reliant. And so they study according to their ability and get a job. However, getting a job usually requires some prior preparation. And preparation isn’t just about ritualistic knowledge. To crack the job exam you need to know about current affairs along with books.

And there they are asked some such questions which many people are ashamed to hear. Candidates get nervous after hearing some questions. In fact the current intelligence of the candidate is tested by shooting these questions. But let us know which are those questions.

1. What is the name of the hardest substance found on earth?

2. Which is the national tree of India?
Banyan Tree

3. Which is the most common non-communicable disease in the world?
tooth decay

4. Which planet is known as the Red Planet?
Mars planet

5. Which river is called the sorrow of Bihar?
Kosi River

6. What is the name of the Indian lighthouse located in the Arabian Sea?
Lakshadweep Islands

7. Who is the first Indian to go into space?
Rakesh Sharma

8. Where is the maximum rainfall in the world?
Mawsynram in Meghalaya

9. What is the name of the imaginary line which roughly divides India into two parts?

Tropic of Cancer

10. Which part of the body of girls does not have bones?

Tongue (neither a boy nor a girl has tongue bones. The reference to a girl is inserted just for the sake of confusion).

So why not be afraid and keep a cool head and try to find the answer to the question easily.

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