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What are the things that boys do everyday but girls rarely do? If You Know The Answer, You Will Be Yes Newshost24 Travels

Interview Question: Tell me, are there things that are present in the human body and also present in plants? All the candidates who qualify the competitive exam have to face the interview. Interview is a part of every job test. Where candidates are asked general knowledge questions.

Not only general knowledge but some strange questions are also sometimes asked to test their intelligence. Which is like a puzzle. And to answer this question candidates have to get the speed. You have to answer these questions very thoughtfully. But the answer is very simple.

Many such questions have been discussed in this report with answers. Which is very useful for the candidates. Let’s take a look at those questions with answers.

1) Question- If you fail in an exam then everyone is happy?
Answer- If the test result of a serious disease comes negative then everyone is happy.
2) Question- Which person can never be arrested in India?
Answer – President.
3) Question- Is there any such thing which can burn even in water?
Answer – Sodium.
4) Question- Which country was earlier known as ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’?
North India.
5) Question – Who was the only Bengali President in India?
Answer – Pranab Mukherjee.
6) Question- Is there any fruit whose seeds are outside the fruit?
Answer- Strawberry.
7) Question- What is a pyrometer?
Ans- The instrument used to measure the high temperature of the Sun is called a pyrometer.
8) Question – What is anemia or anaemia?
Ans- This disease is caused due to the deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood.
9) Question- Who is called the ‘Iron Man’ of India?
Answer – To Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
10) Question- Which country’s national anthem does not have words, but has music?
Northern European country Spain.
11) Question – Which Indian note does not have the picture of Mahatma Gandhi?
Answer- 1 rupee note.
12) Question- Which award does the Indian sportsperson get for excellence?
Answer – Arjuna Award.
13) Question- Is there any food which does not spoil even after years?
Answer – Honey.
14) Question- What is the thing that boys do every time but girls do once in life?
Answer – Cremation Yatra. (According to religion, girls are not allowed to visit the cremation ground)
15) Question – Tell me, are there things that are present in the human body and also in trees?
Answer – Sesame.

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