What are the things that only girls can do? If you know the answer you will be ashamed Sangbad Safar

The final stage of some job tests is the interview. In this interview stage various questions are asked to the candidate. And there are some confusing questions in it, which they may be shocked to hear. But the answer to this question is quite simple. But those questions are asked in such a way that while answering simple questions, the candidate fails in the interview and the job is out of his hands. So in today’s report the answers to some such questions have been discussed.

1. Which is the smallest neighboring country of West Bengal?
Answer – Bhutan.
2. Who was the first woman IAS officer of India?
Answer – Anna Ramzan Malhotra.
3. Who is the richest Chief Minister of India as per the 2023 report?
Answer – Jaganmohan Reddy.
4. What is the name of the coldest planet in the solar system?
Answer – Uranus.
5. Which state’s gold painting has got GI tag?
Answer – Madhya Pradesh.
6. What is that thing that a woman shows but a man hides?
Answer – Wallet.
7. What is that thing that comes once in a month and goes away after 24 hours?
Answer: Date.
8. Which state of India is called the gift of sea?
Answer – Kerala.
9. In which season Ashwin storm is seen in West Bengal?
Answer – Autumn.
10. In what work do girls sit, cannot stand?
Answer – Cow giving milk. Actually it has to be done by everyone standing but such questions are asked to confuse the candidates.

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